User authorization

Only authenticatd users can create project through the “Add” menù of the “Projects” page and they become the administrators.

Only project administrators can create service instances through the “Add
menù of a project page. They become also administrators of the new instances.

Only service instance administrators can administer users.

The user can access a certain instance by clicking on the corresponding link and only if he has the "user" or "admin" permission will finally access. In the other case a forbidden page appears with a link. Clicking on it a mail with a link to the authorization form will be send to the service instance administrator.

This form has a link to the user personal page, with information about name, surname and affiliation, a field to activate or no the user to the service instance and a filed where is possible to select the role.

When the save button is pressed, if the user was activated, a mail with link to the service instance will be sent to the user.

In the other case a reject mail will be sent.