HPC-Forge is a software development infrastructure  powered by CINECA Supercomputing Center.

It provides the following components:

  • Source control management: A system that provides a central place where the team members can store and access their entire source code base.
  • Requirements management: A system used for recording and tracking product feature requests.
  • Bug-tracking: A system used to record and track errors and feature requests.
  • Automated build: A system that builds the application every night by automatically executing the required build procedure steps at the scheduled time, without any human intervention.
  • Automated testing: The tools that team developers and testers use to verify software and to detect and prevent software problems, such as functionality errors, reliability problems, performance problems, or security vulnerabilities..
  • Regression testing: Any tool or combination of tools that can automatically run all of your existing tests on your entire code base on a regular basis (preferably nightly, as part of the automated build). Its purpose is to help you identify when code modifications cause previously working functionality to regress, or fail. For example, the regression system may be a script that runs one or more automated testing tools in batch mode.
  • Content repository: A storage area (upload/download) to provide access to 'publish' releases, documentation, test data …